Kitty Visitation Rules

Kitty Visitation Rules

For the safety and comfort of both you and our kitties, guests must adhere to the following rules during their visit:

  1. Be Gentle.

  2. Children 10-14 must be supervised by an adult present in the Cat Lounge.  One adult per two children is required.  For more info on our Kids Hour or policies, please see our FAQ page.

  3. No loud noises. Cats are quiet creatures, and appreciate a calm atmosphere.

  4. Do not chase the cats or pull their tails. Trust us, they do not like this.

  5. Please be aware of the cats around the doors when entering and exiting the lounge. They’re sneaky.

  6. Do not pick up the cats, let them come to you. All cats are different, and some do not like being picked up or carried.

  7. You may pet a sleeping cat but please do not wake them to engage in play. Our cats are friendly and enjoy spending time with humans, but they also love their sleep…just like us!

  8. Be cautious when petting the cats. Keep your petting to the cat’s head and upper body in short intervals. Refrain from touching their stomach no matter what they tell you!

  9. Do not share your drink with the cats

  10. Above all, please use common sense. Guests not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave for the safety of our cats.

  11. Take lots of pictures! But please no flash.

  12. Have fun and enjoy our lovable felines!!

Ready to Make Your Reservation? Fantastic!

There’s more you need to know to make the most out of this experience.

For the comfort of both our guests and our cats, we limit the number of guests in the Cat Lounge to 10 at a time.

Please arrive ten minutes prior to your reservation time. 

If you have a question or need to change or cancel your reservation, please click “modify reservation” on the confirmation email that you received. 

Last but certainly not least, here are some important tips for booking:

  • Select the number of people that will be in your reservation on the quantity tab. 

  • If you have a promo code, you can enter it in the top left corner under the Choose Appointment Line (or enter it on the next page when you are ready to checkout) 

  • Select the date/time on the calendar and hit continue.

  • Enter your information and promo code if you haven’t already and submit.

  • Enter payment information.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email with our address, location, parking, info on waivers, etc. Please read this portion carefully.

Email us at with any questions or concerns!! We look forward to seeing you!!!