We’re Whiskers!

You guys have been supporting this dream of ours since day one, and we’re forever grateful for your contributions! Because you share that dream, we were able to make it a reality.

Welcome to Whiskers Cat Café, where you can get your coffee fix and your kitty fix in a comfortable, fun environment. Our ultimate goal is to find our resident kitties their forever home, but here’s a deep dive into what matters to us.


Cats are good for your health. It’s just that simple.

Studies have shown that petting a purring cat or watching it hunt a toy mouse is a great way to lower stress, lessen the effects of depression, and lower blood pressure. Snuggling with a cat can help take your mind off your worries and everyday struggles - which can improve your mood. (Want to read more about the science behind all that? Go here.) We love the idea that we could be a small part of putting you in a better mood!


Our kitties are happy to share their home with you!

Whiskers is designed to be a remarkable space for cats and humans. Coffee is prepared separate from the Cat Lounge; if you have allergies, enjoy the activity from our viewing window for a healthy vantage point! The cat behavior specialists at KC Pet Project helped us create a kitty playground with plenty of places to climb, scratch, sleep, snuggle, and hide. The cats have their own rooms for retreat if they need a break! For humans, we have lots of space and multiple seating options to choose from - including an area to lay down and wait for the cats to pile on! Help yourself to the bookshelf full of games, books, and cat-themed items! 


Meet Audrey.

The moment Audrey stepped into a cat cafe she knew she had to bring the concept to life in Kansas City. With the support of her fiance, JT, she pitched the idea to her family, friends and community… and Whiskers was born. She’s thrilled to offer this experience to KC, and grateful for the opportunity to help these lovable cats find their forever homes.